Lost and Found


If you are reading this and you have not yet lost your ring please follow these steps to help ensure your ring is recovered in case something ever happens.


Take lots of pictures of your class ring and any identifying marks it may have. This can be used to recover or replace it if necessary down the line.


Have your entire class ring (not just gemstones) appraised for its replacement value. An official class ring jeweler’s certified appraisal is necessary to get proper insurance coverage. Ron George offers this for free when you purchase class ring upgrades.


Insurance is a lifesaver if something ever happens to your USNA class ring. Jewelers also recommend/require you to have insurance for warranty purposes. USAA is here to help.


Join our facebook page to become part of our network of Mids, Alumni and Fans who help reconnect USNA class rings with their rightful owners.

Lost/Stolen Ring

If you or a loved one has lost an official USNA class ring, follow these simple steps to help find it.


File a police report and keep the report close by. Police will monitor pawn shops for stolen and exchanged goods. A valid police report will help with recovering your ring from eBay and also receiving insurance money.


Use the provided email link to email an official USNA correspondent about your lost or stolen class ring. Email Link


Most lost class rings are recovered with the help of our social network. Share the images you took of the ring and details such as where/when it was lost and any identifying marks it has. The “Community” tab on our facebook page is used primarily for this purpose. USNA Class Rings Facebook

Found Ring

If you or someone you know has found an official USNA class ring, follow these simple steps to help find its rightful owner.


Check if the class ring you found is an official USNA class ring or not. An official ring will have the USNA seal on one side and a class year crest on the other. Our about page can help. There are many navy rings out there that are sold to the public and not official USNA class rings.


If it’s an official USNA class ring you should post images and a description on our facebook page’s “Community” tab to help find its rightful owner.