Ring Care

Taking proper care of your class ring is important. There aren’t many jewelry stores that are capable of working on class rings because of their thickness. It’s OK to wear your class ring often but not often enough to cause long term wear on the gold or damage to the stone. Some stones in class rings are more brittle than others and you should consult your local jeweler to determine your stones durability. Some gemstones also require special cleaning. Visit our Jewelers Page to find class ring certified jewelers.



USAA offers insurance at great rates to all USNA Mids and Graduates. USAA insurance covers all of your class ring needs by protecting you against damage, loss, and theft. To learn more visit the USAA Academy Cadets and Midshipmen webpage.



Some jewelry stores clean rings for free. If you choose to do it yourself the safest way is to take a jewelry polishing cloth and rub the metal gently for about 5 minutes until shiny. Most jewelry stores sell these cloths which come with a built in jewelry polish. If a deeper clean is needed you can brush your ring with a soft bristle and ammonia/water mixture. Don’t use toothpaste or soap, this may result in damage to your class ring and/or gemstone.