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Why Get a Class Ring?

Getting a class ring is more than just a symbol of where you went to school. You just made it through 3 years at the USNA for God's sake! It is a trophy to your accomplishments and an icon of everything you have sweat and bled for. Your class ring is a treasure you will keep for life as a reminder of your commitment and dedication to your country. The class ring crest is redesigned yearly by a committee formed by each class during their plebe year. Class rings are a United States Naval Academy tradition and celebrated every year by the anticipated world renowned Ring Dance. When the time comes, wear your ring and wear it proud. There is only one class ring like yours and you earned it!

Ordering Your USNA Class Ring

USNA class rings have been supplied by many companies in the past. You can find some of these companies by visiting the "Class Ring Jewelers" page on this website. Many Midshipman opt to get their class ring stones from local jewelers instead of from the manufacturer because of the superior deals and quality offered (see the "Class Ring Mods" page). When ordering your class ring, the manufacturer provides a list of optional stones and styles you can order. If you opt to get your class ring stone from a local jeweler it is best to order the ring with the free stone provided. Once ordered the rings are delivered before spring break as a trial fitting period for Mids to test the size and fit of their class rings. Once this fitting period is over (about 1 week) the mids are not allowed to wear their rings until the Ring Dance held at the beginning of Commissioning Week.

Caring For Your Class Ring

Proper caring for your class ring is something that may often be overlooked. There are not many jewelry stores that do work on class rings. However, in Annapolis there are local jewelry stores that will repair, resize and clean your class ring. It is worth looking into before sending it back to the manufacturer. It's OK to wear your class ring often but not often enough to cause long term wear on the gold or damage to the stone. Some stones in class rings are more brittle then others and you should consult a jeweler to determine your stones durability. Some class rings have what is called "antiquing", a black tar like substence put in the crevices of the ring meant to help show off the engraving. Over time your ring may need to be polished and reantiqued.


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