Proper care of your USNA class ring should be taken to ensure its longevity and minimize the effects of wear over time. Having proper insurance also aids in the protection of your valuable class ring over time.


Be careful not to wear your class ring often enough to cause long term wear to the gold or damage to the gemstones. Some gemstones in class rings are softer than others and you should consult a jeweler to determine your gemstones durability and how it should be worn and cared for.


Some jewelers clean rings for free and many also sell jewelry cleaning kits. If you choose to do it yourself we recommend purchasing a jewelry cleaning kit. Before any cleaning takes place, always consult a jeweler on how to properly care for your class ring and gemstones. Not all gemstones are cared for the same and some may be damaged if you try.

Cleaning Kit Instructions

Using a cleaning kit; take the provided cloth and rub the metal gently for about 5 minutes until shiny. If a deeper clean is needed you can use the provided liquid cleaning solution and soft bristle brush. The bristles aid to rid the cracks and crevices of your ring from the built up of oils and dirt that occurs naturally over time. Rinse and repeat if needed.


Insuring your class ring is a smart move. USAA offers insurance at great rates to all USNA Mids and Alumni. USAA insurance covers all of your class ring needs by protecting you against damage, loss, and theft. Visit USAA to learn more and get a quote.