About Rings

Getting a class ring is more than just a symbol of where you went to school. It is a trophy to your accomplishments and an icon of everything you have sweat and bled for. Your class ring is a treasure you will keep for life as a reminder of your commitment and dedication to your country. It connects you with the classes who came before you and the future ones to come. When the time comes, wear your ring and wear it proud. There is only one class ring like yours and you earned it!



Starting in 1869 and happening every year since, Midshipmen form a committee during their plebe year to design their own class ring crests. Every class ring has two common characteristics; the class year and class crest. This symbolizes a connection to the classmates of previous and future years.


Ring Dance

Class rings are a USNA tradition and celebrated every year by the anticipated world renowned Ring Dance. A very formal affair, the Ring Dance started in 1925 and is where Second Class Midshipmen are officially allowed to wear their class rings. Each ring is blessed by dipping it into the “waters of the seven seas,” a bowl of water collected from the seven seas. This symbolizes a Midshipman’s marriage to the Navy.