Your USNA class ring is more than just a symbol of the U.S. Naval Academy, it’s a trophy to your many accomplishments. It connects you with the classes who came before you and the future ones to come. When it’s time to wear your class ring, wear it with pride. There’s only one USNA class ring unique enough to be yours and you earned it.

Ring Dance Tradition

Class rings are a USNA tradition that is celebrated every year by the anticipated and world renowned Ring Dance. A very formal affair, the Ring Dance started in 1925 and is where 2/C Midshipmen are officially allowed to wear their class rings. Each ring is blessed by dipping it into the “Waters of the Seven Seas,” a bowl of water collected from the seven seas. This symbolizes a Midshipman’s marriage to the U.S. Navy.

How to Wear

As a custom, the ring should not be worn until the beginning of the Ring Dance. Your ring should be worn on the third finger of the left hand with the class crest facing inwards.

Class Ring Design

U.S. Naval Academy class rings are some of the most iconic and recognizable class rings in the entire world. Every USNA class ring produced has only two common characteristics; the Naval Academy seal on one side of the ring and a class crest on the other. These similarities symbolize the connection a Midshipman has to all previous class years and to all future ones to come.

Class Crests

Starting in 1869 and happening every year since, Midshipmen form a Class Ring and Crest Committee. They gather to discuss and design a unique crest for their graduating class year. That crest is then included into their class ring setting’s final design.


Individualization is a big part of what makes your class ring unique and yours. While the ring settings for each class year must be purchased through that years official ring company, every midshipman is allowed to choose where they purchase their gemstones and who ultimately cares for and services their class ring. Many purchase gemstones and customize their settings outside of the ring company.